Pakistan’s Strict Crackdown on Illegal Foreign Residents: Interior Minister’s Bold Initiatives

In a recent announcement, Pakistan’s Federal Interior Minister, Sarfaraz Bugti, declared a rigorous crackdown on illegal foreign residents and their properties in the country, effective from November 1st. Bugti stated that after this date, illegal foreign-owned properties would be seized, and arrests would commence, emphasizing that Pakistan is a sovereign nation where foreigners cannot enter without proper documentation. According to him, even without passports, individuals could previously enter Pakistan, but this leniency would end after November 1st.

Speaking after a meeting of the Apex Committee, Bugti revealed that a deadline had been set for illegal residents. He highlighted the widespread misuse and lack of regulation in the implementation of identity cards, stating that there were currently around 440,000 Afghan citizens in Pakistan. Out of these, approximately 140,000 were registered. Post November 1st, stringent measures would be taken to apprehend illegal residents.

Bugti outlined the development of a web portal where citizens could share information, ensuring anonymity for those reporting smuggling and illegal activities. To curb smuggling and hoarding, check posts had been established. Additionally, Bugti mentioned the authorization of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to identify holders of illegal identity cards, rewarding those who reported such individuals.

The Interior Minister emphasized the confiscation of properties owned by illegal foreign residents, indicating that task forces established after November 1st would take action against illegal properties. He asserted that stringent actions would be taken against those disrupting the peace, especially culprits involved in damaging public facilities. Bugti assured that strikes by employees of essential service providers would not be tolerated.

Bugti’s stance reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to protecting its citizens and upholding law and order within its borders. He stated that the state would stand with the oppressed, refusing to allow any group to impose its agenda through force. Out of 24 recent incidents, 14 involved Afghan citizens, underscoring the necessity for such measures.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister’s announcement signifies a bold move to strengthen the country’s security and sovereignty. By enforcing stricter regulations and initiating crackdowns on illegal foreign residents, Pakistan aims to maintain order and protect its citizens, ensuring that the nation remains a safe and secure environment for its people.