Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Affirms Independent Stance on Israel

In a recent press conference in Islamabad, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani reiterated Pakistan’s firm stance regarding Israel, emphasizing that there is no consideration of recognizing Israel within Pakistan. He emphasized that Pakistan’s position on Israel remains independent, stating that the country would make decisions based on national interests rather than imitating other nations.

Jalil Abbas Jilani asserted that Pakistan’s stance on both the Kashmir issue and the Palestine issue is consistent, deeming them parallel causes. He emphasized that these issues are interconnected for Pakistan, representing the nation’s commitment to principles of justice and self-determination. Importantly, he stressed that Pakistan’s approach towards these issues would not be influenced by the actions of any other country, underlining the country’s sovereignty in making decisions that align with its national interests.

The Foreign Minister highlighted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s active participation in multiple conferences during the United Nations General Assembly session. Imran Khan addressed various forums, including the General Assembly itself, where he articulated Pakistan’s stance on several global issues, including the Palestine matter.

Jalil Abbas Jilani’s statements come as a reaffirmation of Pakistan’s long-standing policy concerning Israel. Pakistan, like many other Muslim-majority countries, does not officially recognize Israel as a state due to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the occupation of Palestinian territories. The principled stance taken by Pakistan underscores its commitment to supporting the rights of the Palestinian people and advocating for a just resolution of the conflict based on international law and UN resolutions.

In essence, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister’s remarks emphasize the country’s unwavering position on the Israel-Palestine matter. The assertion of an independent foreign policy, decoupled from external influences, demonstrates Pakistan’s commitment to upholding its values and safeguarding the interests of its people. As geopolitical dynamics continue to evolve, Pakistan’s steadfast approach underscores its dedication to supporting just causes and remaining true to its foundational principles.