Election commission of Pakistan to release initial constituency roster from digital census.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is scheduled to unveil the initial list of newly delineated constituencies derived from the digital census tomorrow, Wednesday.

According to the ECP, objections to the preliminary constituency lists will be accepted until October 26, with hearings on these objections set to take place until November 25. The final electoral rolls are slated for publication by November 30, and the Election Commission has outlined the election timetable, which will commence 54 days after the final rolls are released.

Initially, the electoral watchdog had intended to release the preliminary lists on October 10. However, it has now received the preliminary lists from the constituency committees, as directed 15 days prior, and will proceed to make the preliminary constituency details publicly available.

Notably, on September 21, the ECP announced its plans to hold nationwide general elections in January 2024. In this announcement, it was disclosed that the preliminary lists of constituencies would be made public on September 27, 2023, while the final lists would be unveiled on November 30, 2023.

Furthermore, the Election Commission recently decided to invite foreign media and observers for the general elections. All preparations have been completed, including the formulation of a code of conduct for foreign media. Foreign media and observers will be granted access to visit polling stations, witness the vote-counting process, and observe the preparation of election results.