U.S. Embassy in Pakistan Faces Backlog in Visa Appointments

The U.S. Embassy in Pakistan is currently taking steps to address the growing backlog of visa appointment requests from Pakistani applicants. According to the embassy, they are now handling a significantly higher number of visa applications compared to the past.

In a statement, the U.S. Embassy noted that the demand for U.S. visas from Pakistan has reached its highest level ever. As a result, they are working diligently to reduce the waiting time for visa appointment slots.

The embassy outlined three key measures they are implementing to assist visa applicants. First, they have expedited the processing of thousands of non-immigrant visa applications. This move aims to speed up the appointment scheduling process.

Second, the U.S. Embassy has shortened the appointment scheduling window for 2024 for some applicants. The consulate in Karachi has brought forward the appointment scheduling for a segment of applicants to 2023.

Furthermore, visa applicants can expect to receive notifications of reduced appointment waiting times soon. Some appointments for a select number of individuals may be scheduled for the upcoming week.

The U.S. Embassy has also highlighted the flexibility it offers to applicants. Travelers from Pakistan who have already canceled their appointments in Karachi can reschedule their interviews either at the Karachi Consulate or the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad.

The embassy emphasized that determining the dates, times, and locations for interviews should become easier for visa applicants. They have also introduced an eligibility check for those who may be exempt from interviews, which can be done through their website.

Starting from September 25, the Karachi Consulate is also accepting requests for interview waivers from applicants who have previously been issued visas in Karachi. This means that certain individuals may not need to go through the interview process again.

The U.S. Embassy underscores the importance of the strong partnership between the United States and Pakistan. While they work to address the growing demand for visas, they remain committed to facilitating legitimate travel and exchanges between the two countries.

the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan is actively taking steps to alleviate the backlog in visa appointments caused by a surge in demand. These efforts aim to provide more convenience and faster processing for visa applicants from Pakistan.