Punjab police’s vigorous crackdown on electricity theft: over 23,000 cases registered, 14,985 arrested.

Punjab Police has escalated its efforts to combat electricity theft, resulting in the registration of more than 23,000 cases and the apprehension of 14,985 individuals involved in electricity theft across the province, including the city of Lahore.

In a single day, Lahore alone witnessed the registration of 12,025 cases, leading to the arrest of 32 suspects. This focused initiative has contributed significantly to the overall numbers, with 23,565 cases recorded and more than 14,000 individuals apprehended for their involvement in electricity theft.

During the crackdown in Lahore, police registered 236 additional cases against electricity thieves.

Punjab Inspector General (IG) Dr. Usman Anwar has affirmed the continuation of this vigorous crackdown against those engaged in electricity theft within the province. This endeavor is being carried out in collaboration with relevant departments and is expected to persist.

Dr. Usman Anwar urged all District Police Officers (DPOs) to regularly submit action reports to the Central Police Office (CPO), underscoring the commitment of Punjab Police to combat this issue effectively.