Iran considering giving special SIM to Cristiano Ronaldo

There is a discussion in progress regarding the issuance of special SIM cards to foreign footballers, including star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, upon their arrival in Iran. According to Arab media reports, these special SIM cards would grant unrestricted internet access to foreign footballers during their stay in Iran.

As per international media, Saudi football club Al-Nassr is set to play a match against an Iranian football club in Tehran next week as part of the AFC Champions League. This development has sparked discussions about the challenges foreign footballers might face in Iran due to internet restrictions.

Reza Daryoush, the president of the Iranian football club involved, commented on the issue during a conversation with state television. He expressed concerns that some individuals might be trying to tarnish their image by telling footballers not to go to Iran because they won’t have internet access.

On the other hand, some Iranian citizens have argued that providing such services to Cristiano Ronaldo and other foreign footballers would be disrespectful and an example of preferential treatment. Local residents are unable to access the full internet due to the extensive online restrictions imposed in Iran.

It’s worth noting that Iran has stringent internet restrictions in place, with thousands of websites and social media platforms blocked. These restrictions have limited access to the global internet for Iranian citizens, making it challenging for them to freely browse the web and use various online services.

The discussion surrounding special SIM cards for foreign footballers in Iran highlights the contrasting realities faced by international visitors and local residents when it comes to internet access and online freedoms. It remains to be seen how this issue will be resolved and whether accommodations will be made to ensure a smooth experience for foreign athletes during their stay in Iran.