Karachi Requires 15,000 Buses for Transport: World Bank Report

Karachi Buses

A recent report from the World Bank has drawn attention to Karachi’s pressing requirement for a comprehensive public transportation system. This report underscores a substantial shortfall, indicating that the city needs a total of 15,000 buses to establish an efficient and effective transportation network.

Currently, Karachi operates only 1,029 buses, consisting of 240 from the People’s Bus Service, 100 from the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and 689 older buses under private sector management.

In response to this glaring deficit, plans are underway to acquire an additional 500 buses for the province. The report underscores the imperative need for an additional 13,000 public transport buses to bridge this significant gap.

Addressing this issue, the Caretaker Provincial Minister of Finance, Revenue, Planning, and Development in Sindh, Muhammad Younus Dagha, has proposed initiatives to encourage private sector participation through public-private partnership projects.

The Transport Department is exploring various options, including facilitating easy loans for local private transporters through an endowment fund, potentially at zero interest rates, and providing soft loans to local transporters for the acquisition of buses.

These initiatives are aimed at alleviating Karachi’s transportation challenges and improving mobility for its residents, marking a crucial step toward meeting the city’s growing demand for efficient public transportation.