The country’s tax system is being digitized, Dr. Umar Saif

Islamabad – Federal Minister for Information Technology (IT), Dr. Omar Saif, has stated that the country’s tax system is being digitized, and this digitalization will help formalize the economy and lead to the introduction of cashless transactions.

During a press conference in Islamabad, Dr. Omar Saif emphasized the importance of the IT sector in boosting Pakistan’s revenues, and he highlighted the potential for many Pakistani youths to find employment opportunities in this industry.

Dr. Omar Saif further mentioned that Pakistan is already standing at the forefront of the world in terms of 6G technology, and the telecom sector is also of great significance. Action is expected to be taken on the 5G front in the coming 10 months.

He also addressed the challenges faced by freelancers, stating that bringing foreign exchange to Pakistan for freelancers can be challenging. To address this issue, a facility for free-lancing will be provided for up to 500,000 individuals.

The Federal IT Minister stated that freelancing has the potential to bring in around 250 billion dollars. Additionally, the development of a digital platform is expected to bring in around 1.5 billion dollars in foreign reserves.

Dr. Omar Saif revealed the introduction of an online platform for overseas Pakistanis under the “Rasta” project. This platform aims to facilitate overseas Pakistanis and help formalize the economy.

He highlighted the fact that India exports 10 billion dollars worth of smartphones, and smartphone imports are increasing due to the revenue generated from the smartphone sector.

Dr. Omar Saif also mentioned the start of smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan, with 50 million smartphones already produced.