Decision on caretaker Prime Minister

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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif conveyed his optimism that a decision regarding the caretaker prime minister’s appointment would be reached by Saturday. He engaged with reporters in Islamabad, sharing his plan to confer with coalition party leaders on Friday night, followed by a meeting with Leader of the Opposition Raja Riaz either on Friday or Saturday.

Should consensus on a single candidate elude them, the matter would be referred to a parliamentary committee, charged with resolving it within three days. Failing an agreement at the committee level, the Election Commission of Pakistan would assume responsibility, required to finalize the decision within two days.

In response to President Arif Alvi’s letter urging a resolution by August 12, the prime minister underscored the clear procedure stipulated in the Constitution. He reflected on the past 16 months, highlighting the formidable challenges faced during his 38-year political career. Collaborative efforts and dedication from all stakeholders played a pivotal role in the government’s accomplishments across various domains.

Amidst natural disasters, the government worked tirelessly, disbursing Rs100 billion alongside provincial and departmental funds to aid flood relief. Tackling the challenging IMF agreement was a major accomplishment, averting potential chaos for the country.

Addressing diplomatic achievements, the prime minister noted improvements in strained relations with friendly nations, fostering enhanced ties through credible efforts as compared to baseless accusations under the previous administration.

He acknowledged that inflation under the previous government soared to 12.5%, in stark contrast to the 3.5% during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure. Rising wheat imports necessitated a $2 billion expenditure due to reduced domestic production.

Subtly referencing recent news stories, the prime minister alluded to revelations that came to light the day before. He acknowledged the government’s limited control over oil prices and the resultant need to pass on the impact to consumers.

The prime minister highlighted the establishment of the Special Investment Facilitation Counc