Asia Cup: The Revelation Behind Omitting Pakistan as the Host Country on Team Shirts

Asia Cup

During the Asia Cup, a controversy arose when the name of the host country, Pakistan, was omitted from team jerseys. According to sources, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) had decided not to include the host country’s name on jerseys during the previous Asia Cup. This decision was unanimously reached during an ACC meeting, concluding that the host country’s name should not be written alongside the year.

Reports indicate that this decision was prompted by the inclusion of “Sri Lanka 2022” and “UAE 2022” on jerseys during the Sri Lanka 2022 and UAE 2022 series. Different variations of jerseys were present, and only the year was displayed on one version of the jersey.

The ACC sources stated that the aim of the ACC was to create consistency on jerseys so that people could easily identify and relate to the logos. In light of last year’s decision, only the Asia Cup logo is being used, and the omission of the year and host country’s name from the jersey’s design was intentional.

During the Asia Cup, the absence of Pakistan’s name as the host nation raised concerns, and criticism was directed towards the ACC for this decision. There were widespread sentiments that the host country’s name should have been included on the jerseys.