Closed industries will be operational in a month, government’s assurance to textile exporters

The federal government of Pakistan, under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, has taken significant steps to revitalize dormant industries and boost revenue. In a series of meetings held in Islamabad, key government officials including Federal Minister for Commerce and Industry, Dr. Gohar Ijaz, Federal Minister for Energy, Muhammad Ali, and members of the Federal Board of Revenue, engaged in discussions with Kharim Mukhtar, Patron Chief of the Pakistan Textile Exporters Association.

During these discussions, Kharim Mukhtar highlighted the government’s commitment to reactivating stagnant industries to achieve a revenue target of $25 billion. The strategy involves activating industries within a month, maintaining the Industrial Support Package, and ensuring that revenue-generating industries receive refunds amounting to Rs. 35 billion by September 4.

Kharim Mukhtar emphasized that swift resolution of issues, including prompt refunds under the exporters’ facilitation scheme, is crucial to achieving these goals. Dr. Gohar Ijaz shared the plan of revitalizing industries across the country in a short period to reach the $25 billion revenue target. He also stressed the need for a rapid resolution of issues related to the distribution of electricity to revenue-generating industries.

Moreover, Federal Minister for Energy, Muhammad Ali, reassured that the Industrial Support Package would continue even beyond October, demonstrating the government’s unwavering commitment to industrial growth. He highlighted the determination to address challenges related to electricity distribution to these industries promptly.

Kharim Mukhtar expressed his enthusiasm following the meetings with the federal ministers, noting that the government’s efforts would aid in re-establishing industries and boosting economic growth. He further emphasized the role of exporters in making every possible effort to achieve the $25 billion revenue target. the Pakistani federal government’s initiatives, as outlined by Kharim Mukhtar, showcase a strong commitment to reviving dormant industries and bolstering economic revenue. The discussions held among key officials indicate a proactive approach to address challenges, facilitate industrial growth, and propel Pakistan’s economy toward a more prosperous future.