UK air traffic control failure chaos continues, disrupting travel for days.

Travelers are being cautioned that the aftermath of a recent air traffic control failure in the UK, which occurred earlier this week, is expected to persist for several more days.

Mark Harper, the UK’s Transport Secretary, acknowledged during an interview on Tuesday that the “technical issue” lasting for several hours had severely impacted numerous passengers and would continue to disrupt travel for “some days.”

Passengers traveling to or from the UK have faced substantial delays and flight cancellations due to a “network-wide failure” experienced by Britain’s National Air Traffic Services (NATS) flight planning system. This disruption occurred on the final day of a summer public holiday weekend in the UK, affecting a significant number of vacationers.

While NATS has confirmed that the glitch has been “identified and remedied” in a statement, the fallout from the failure, which resulted in the cancellation of at least 790 departures and 785 flight arrivals at British airports, as reported by aviation analytics firm Cerium, is ongoing