Kajal bought a flat worth 7.64 million for office in Mumbai

Bollywood veteran actress Kajal recently purchased a flat in Mumbai for her office space. According to Indian media reports, Kajal acquired this flat for a sum of INR 7.64 crore in July. The flat spans across an area of 194 square meters and is located on Veera Desai Road in the Andheri area of Mumbai.

This isn’t the first property investment for Kajol in recent times. In April, she bought an apartment worth INR 16.50 crore, measuring 2,493 square feet. This apartment was specifically designed to accommodate parking space for four cars.

Kajal’s husband, Ajay Devgn, has also been active in the real estate market. He recently purchased five office spaces for a total of INR 45.09 crore. These investments highlight the couple’s growing interest in real estate ventures alongside their illustrious careers in the entertainment industry.

The Indian real estate market, especially in cities like Mumbai, has been known for its high property prices and demand for luxurious accommodations. Celebrities often make news with their property acquisitions and investments, showcasing their financial prowess and diversification of assets.

Kajal and Ajay Devgn have been prominent figures in the Indian film industry for years, garnering immense popularity and acclaim for their performances. Their foray into the real estate market adds another dimension to their public personas, reflecting their business acumen and strategic financial decisions.

As the couple continues to make headlines for their professional accomplishments and now their real estate ventures, fans and industry observers are likely to watch with interest to see how their investments unfold in the dynamic real estate landscape of India.