Instagram could let you read messages secretly


In a move that mirrors actions taken by WhatsApp and Twitter, Instagram appears to be considering the introduction of a feature that allows users to disable the “seen” status for direct messages (DMs).

This potentially game-changing feature was recently uncovered by the well-known tech leaker Alessandro Paluzzi.

According to Paluzzi’s findings, the option to “Disable seen status” will find its home within the privacy and safety settings of Instagram. You can expect to find it conveniently located right beneath the Vanish mode option.

Instagram’s decision to incorporate this feature comes after some delay, mainly because the direct messaging section of the platform has not been its primary focus. Instagram, after all, started as a photo-sharing app and has since evolved into a multi-faceted social media platform.

Nonetheless, the introduction of this feature is bound to be a boon for Instagram users. It aligns with the preferences of many who appreciate the ability to maintain their message-reading discretion, a feature that has already garnered significant popularity on other messaging platforms like WhatsApp. As Instagram continues to expand its feature set, this addition could further enhance the overall user experience for its vast user base.