Hasan Ali Speaks on PCB’s Proposed ‘Surgery’ and Future of Pakistan Cricket

In a candid interview with Pakistan’s leading cricket pacer Hasan Ali expressed his views on the recent comments made by the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) regarding a potential ‘surgery’ in the national team. Ali, currently in England, shared his thoughts on the feasibility and implications of such a drastic overhaul in the team.

Hasan Ali began by addressing the ambiguity surrounding the Chairman’s statement. “I don’t know in what way the Chairman PCB talked about surgery in the team. Will all 11 players be replaced, or 15 players? It doesn’t seem possible,” he remarked. Ali pointed out the impracticality of replacing the entire team, given the current lack of a robust backup system. “We do not have such a backup to replace the entire team. I have no idea what the nature of the surgery will be and how it will be, but things should be fine,” he added.

Emphasizing the importance of strengthening the bench strength, Ali highlighted the practices of other international teams. “Every team in the world is doing this. Since the COVID era, we have seen that two teams from one country have been playing international cricket at different places. If we had a backup and if there were two teams, there would be no need to say that they will do surgery in the team,” he explained. Ali stressed that enhancing the current setup would be more beneficial for domestic cricket in Pakistan.

Ali also reflected on the upcoming Test series against Bangladesh, pointing out the challenges due to the lack of depth in the squad. “Now the Bangladesh Test team is coming to Pakistan, you will see that you will not have any other good sniper. We will have to see that we have surgery equipment. If so, definitely do surgery,” he noted, indicating the necessity of having a well-prepared and versatile squad.

Regarding his exclusion from the World Cup squad, Hasan Ali expressed no regrets. “I do not regret not being a part of the World Cup squad. I will not feel bad if I do not make a comeback. I know very well that it is very important to perform well to play any kind of cricket,” he stated. Ali’s comments reflect his understanding of the competitive nature of cricket and the importance of consistent performance.

Ali also praised Babar Azam, reaffirming his support for the Pakistani captain. “Babar Azam is my king, he is also the king of Pakistan cricket. Since my previous statement ‘King kar le ga,’ I can’t tell you how much I have been called bad. Say wrong things but according to my opinion Babar is still the best batsman of Pakistan,” he asserted. Ali stressed that Azam, both as a captain and a batsman, should focus on winning trophies and series for Pakistan.

In a message to cricket fans, Hasan Ali urged them to show respect and support for their heroes. “Cricket fans should not abuse or badmouth their heroes. It should be said,” he emphasized. Ali’s plea reflects his belief in the importance of maintaining a positive and supportive environment for the players, which is crucial for their morale and performance.

Hasan Ali’s interview provides valuable insights into the current state and future direction of Pakistan cricket. His emphasis on the need for a strong backup system and the importance of supporting the current team setup highlights the practical challenges of implementing drastic changes. Ali’s unwavering support for Babar Azam and his call for respectful behavior from fans underscore the values of sportsmanship and unity that are essential for the success of Pakistan cricket. As the team prepares for upcoming challenges, these reflections from a seasoned player like Hasan Ali offer a balanced perspective on navigating the complexities of the sport.