Modi criticizes putin Over oyiv children hospital strike.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed profound pain and terror over the death of innocent children during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, following a deadly strike on a children’s hospital in Kyiv. This strong statement marked a subtle but clear rebuke to Putin, who had earlier emphasized the strategic partnership between Russia and India.

Key Points:

  • Kyiv Hospital Strike: Ukraine reported that fragments of a Russian Kh-101 cruise missile were found at the hospital site, where the strike killed at least 41 Ukrainians. Russia countered, claiming, without evidence, that a Ukrainian anti-missile system was responsible for the strike.
  • Modi’s Statement: “Whether it is war, conflict or a terrorist attack, any person who believes in humanity is pained when there is a loss of lives. But even in that, when innocent children are killed, the heart bleeds and that pain is very terrifying,” Modi said.
  • Historical Context: This isn’t the first time Modi has implicitly criticized Russia’s actions. In September 2022, he conveyed to Putin that “today’s era is not an era of war,” to which Putin acknowledged Modi’s concerns.

India-Russia Relations:

  • Strategic Partnership: Despite not condemning Russia’s invasion, India has become a significant economic partner for Russia, especially by purchasing discounted oil amidst Western sanctions.
  • Putin’s Remarks: Putin highlighted the “particularly privileged strategic partnership” between Russia and India and appreciated Modi’s efforts towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict.
  • Modi’s Advocacy for Peace: Modi reiterated the necessity of peace for future generations, emphasizing that solutions cannot be found on the battleground but through dialogue.

International Reactions:

  • Ukraine’s Response: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy expressed disappointment, criticizing Modi for appearing with Putin shortly after the tragic hospital strike.
  • U.S. Concerns: The U.S. State Department voiced concerns over India’s relationship with Russia, and President Joe Biden condemned the latest attacks on Ukraine, calling them a reminder of Russia’s brutality.


Modi’s remarks during his visit to Moscow underscored the humanitarian impact of the conflict in Ukraine, highlighting the need for peace and dialogue. While maintaining a strategic partnership with Russia, India continues to advocate for peaceful resolutions to global conflicts, amidst complex geopolitical dynamics.