Nadia jamil reveals past harassment by prominent director.

Veteran actress Nadia Jamil has disclosed that she was harassed by a well-known director in the showbiz industry, whose identity she plans to reveal soon.

In a recent podcast interview, Jamil discussed various issues, including her past experiences with harassment. Without naming the individual, she shared that a successful director had tried to harass her in the past, leading her to avoid working with him again.

Jamil emphasized her strategy of steering clear of potentially troublesome situations and people. She also mentioned that she recently declined a role offered by fellow artist Nauman Ijaz upon learning that the same director was involved in the project.

Jamil expressed her intention to eventually reveal the director’s name, hoping to prevent further harassment of other women in the industry. However, she cited concerns for her family’s safety as the reason for her current reticence. “My sons are still young, and their blood runs hot. If they find out who he is, there’s no telling what they might do. Once they are a bit older and more mature, I will reveal his name myself,” she explained.

Her revelation has sparked discussions about harassment in the entertainment industry, highlighting the importance of creating safe work environments and supporting victims of abuse.