Lahore High Court Takes Notice of Sahiwal Incident, Orders Inquiry

The Acting Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, Shujaat Ali Khan, has taken notice of the Sahiwal incident following a request from the Young Doctors Association (YDA), which was presented by Advocate Noshaba Khan.

Dr. Shabir Niazi, President of the Young Doctors Association, filed the application through Advocate Noshaba Khan, requesting the formation of a judicial inquiry committee to investigate the Sahiwal hospital incident. The application also alleged unlawful actions by the Punjab government and others involved.

The YDA requested that until the final decision on the application is made, the postgraduate training be suspended, and the strike by doctors be declared illegal.

During the hearing, Acting Chief Justice Lahore High Court, Shujaat Ali Khan, expressed concern upon seeing the doctors in court, remarking that doctors should be in hospitals, not courts.

In response, the counsel for the applicant argued that the issue is a matter of ground reality, and the Young Doctors do not wish to continue the strike.

Acting Chief Justice Shujaat Ali Khan requested the doctors to fulfill their duties and ensure the court that they would end the strike.

President of the Young Doctors Association, Dr. Shabir Niazi, assured the court that he would discuss the matter with his council of doctors.

Justice Shujaat Ali Khan further remarked that Punjab is the largest province, with a population of 120 million people relying on it. He emphasized that doctors and engineers are the assets of this country, and there is no monarchy here; it is not the era of Akbar. He assured that all types of protection would be provided to doctors.

Later, the High Court amended and reissued the application to the Young Doctors Association, ordering them to withdraw their strike in government hospitals immediately.

This development comes amidst ongoing concerns over healthcare services in Punjab and the role of doctors in addressing public health challenges effectively.