Pakistan Criticizes US Congressional Resolution, Calls for Mutual Respect and Non-Interference

The Foreign Office of Pakistan has expressed disappointment over a recent resolution passed by the US Congress regarding Pakistan. The spokesperson emphasized that Pakistan seeks a relationship with the United States based on mutual trust and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.

Weekly Briefing Highlights

During a weekly briefing held in Islamabad, the Foreign Office spokesperson addressed several key issues. The spokesperson noted that Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar had outlined significant points of Pakistan’s foreign policy at the Institute of Strategic Studies. Dar stressed the importance of fostering strategic relations with China and voiced concerns over the ongoing conflicts in Palestine and Kashmir.

Criticism of US Congressional Resolution

The spokesperson termed the US House of Representatives’ resolution as an unwarranted intrusion into Pakistan’s domestic matters. “The resolution by the US House of Representatives is an unnecessary interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan,” the spokesperson stated. Pakistan aims to maintain relations with the US founded on mutual trust and the principle of non-interference.

The spokesperson further elaborated that Pakistan has conveyed its serious concerns regarding the resolution to the United States. “It is very sad that the US Congress passed this resolution,” the spokesperson remarked, highlighting that Pakistan had briefed the US on its stance prior to the resolution’s passage.

Long-standing Pakistan-US Relations

Mumtaz Zahra, the spokesperson, underscored the historical ties between Pakistan and the United States, suggesting that the US Congress should focus on strengthening this bilateral relationship. “The relationship between Pakistan and America spans a long period of time,” she said. Zahra reiterated that the US Congress should work towards fortifying Pakistan-US relations instead of engaging in actions that could strain them.

Concerns Over Kashmir

Addressing the issue of Indian Occupied Kashmir, the spokesperson expressed Pakistan’s deep concerns over the denial of democratic rights to the people in the region. “Pakistan is concerned about the non-provision of democratic rights of the people in Indian Occupied Kashmir,” the spokesperson stated, underscoring the ongoing human rights issues and lack of political freedoms in the territory.

Diplomatic Efforts and Future Outlook

Pakistan has been proactive in communicating its position to the United States, aiming to resolve misunderstandings and reinforce the foundation of mutual respect in their diplomatic relations. The Foreign Office emphasized that constructive engagement and dialogue are crucial for maintaining and enhancing the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and the US.

The resolution passed by the US Congress has been met with regret and concern by Pakistan, which views it as an unnecessary interference in its internal affairs. The Foreign Office’s response underscores Pakistan’s commitment to maintaining a relationship with the United States based on mutual trust and respect for sovereignty. As Pakistan continues to navigate its foreign policy challenges, it remains focused on strengthening its strategic partnerships and addressing critical issues like the conflicts in Palestine and Kashmir. The emphasis on mutual respect and non-interference is central to Pakistan’s diplomatic approach, as it seeks to foster more cooperative and respectful international relationships.