Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Commends Prime Minister’s People-Friendly Budget for 2024-25

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has lauded the efforts of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his team for presenting a people-friendly budget for the fiscal year 2024-25. In a statement, she emphasized that the budget, crafted under the guidance of Nawaz Sharif and the leadership of the Prime Minister, reflects a balanced approach aimed at addressing the needs and aspirations of the populace.

Tribute to Leadership and Economic Vision

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz highlighted the significance of the budget in her remarks, praising the Prime Minister for his visionary leadership. She acknowledged the efforts made by the federal government to steer the country towards economic stability and sustainable development. According to Maryam Nawaz, the budget is a testament to the government’s commitment to improving the quality of life for all citizens.

Addressing Economic Challenges

Maryam Nawaz pointed out that the country is progressively overcoming its economic challenges. She noted that the new budget marks the beginning of a journey towards sustainable development. The Chief Minister stressed that the budget is in alignment with the aspirations of the people, aiming to provide them with maximum relief amid the ongoing economic recovery.

Details of the Budget

The federal government has presented an ambitious budget amounting to over PKR 188 trillion for the next financial year. This budget includes a deficit of PKR 85 trillion, which reflects the challenges faced by the government in balancing expenditures with revenues. Despite the significant deficit, the budget has been designed to address key areas of public interest and promote economic growth.

Focus on People-Friendly Measures

The Chief Minister underscored that the budget is particularly focused on measures that will directly benefit the people. Efforts have been made to ensure that the budgetary allocations provide maximum relief to the public, especially in critical sectors such as healthcare, education, and social welfare. Maryam Nawaz expressed confidence that the initiatives outlined in the budget will lead to tangible improvements in the lives of ordinary citizens.

Sustainable Development Goals

One of the central themes of the budget is sustainable development. The Chief Minister reiterated that the government’s approach is geared towards long-term economic stability and growth. The budget includes various programs and projects that aim to boost infrastructure, enhance public services, and create job opportunities, thereby contributing to the overall development of the country.

Praise for Prime Minister’s Team

In her statement, Maryam Nawaz extended her appreciation to the Prime Minister’s team for their hard work and dedication in preparing the budget. She highlighted that the collaborative efforts of the government’s economic team were instrumental in formulating a budget that balances fiscal responsibility with the need to support economic recovery and growth.

Economic Outlook

The Chief Minister expressed optimism about the country’s economic outlook, noting that the budget lays a strong foundation for future growth. She emphasized that the government’s policies are aimed at fostering a resilient economy that can withstand external shocks and provide a stable environment for investment and development.

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s commendation of the Prime Minister and his team underscores the importance of the new budget in addressing the country’s economic challenges and meeting the needs of its citizens. The budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 reflects a strategic approach to economic management, focusing on sustainable development, public welfare, and economic stability. With the support and guidance of visionary leaders, the government aims to continue its journey towards a prosperous and developed Pakistan.