ECP establishes two new election tribunals under presidential ordinance.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has established two additional election tribunals following a new presidential ordinance. These tribunals aim to enhance the handling and resolution of election-related disputes.

New Appointments

According to sources within the ECP:

  • Justice (Rtd) Zafar Iqbal has been appointed as the additional election tribunal judge for Bahawalpur.
  • Justice (Rtd) Shakoor Paracha will serve as the additional election tribunal judge for Rawalpindi and will also oversee the three constituencies of Islamabad.

Notification and Empowerment

The notification for the establishment of these tribunals was issued on June 7. The federal government has empowered the ECP to appoint retired judges to these tribunals under the Presidential Ordinance.

Appointment Process

The ECP had proposed the names of several retired judges for these positions. However, only two retired judges, Justice Iqbal and Justice Paracha, expressed their willingness to head the tribunals.

According to ECP sources, the appointment of tribunal judges is solely within the authority of the Election Commission. The Presidential Ordinance grants the ECP the power to appoint retired judges without the need for consultation with other entities.


The establishment of these additional tribunals is part of the ECP’s ongoing efforts to ensure a robust mechanism for resolving election disputes, thereby strengthening the electoral process in Pakistan.