PCB phairman acknowledges need for reform after T20 world cup losses.

Following Pakistan’s disappointing performance in the extended version of the Twenty20 World Cup, PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi has emerged with insights that highlight the necessity for reform within the cricket team. Naqvi’s acknowledgment of the team’s shortcomings came after consecutive losses to the cricket teams of the US and India, particularly the humiliating defeat against arch-rivals India.

Expressing disappointment over the team’s current performance, Naqvi emphasized the need for a “major surgery” to address underlying issues. This realization coincided with the frustration of millions of Pakistani cricket fans who had high hopes for the Babar Azam-led Green shirts.

Speaking to journalists at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York, Naqvi highlighted the imperative to enhance the team’s performance and announced plans for a major overhaul. He stressed the importance of preparing for upcoming events like the Champions Trophy 2025 and advocated for exploring talent from outside sources to elevate the Pakistani cricket team’s standing globally.

In conclusion, Naqvi reaffirmed the nation’s expectations for a competitive and successful cricket team, asserting the need for decisive action to rectify the current dismal state of Pakistani cricket.