Successful Removal of Coin Stuck in Boy’s Throat for Seven Years in Uttar Pradesh

In a remarkable medical feat, doctors in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh successfully removed a coin stuck in the throat of a 12-year-old boy, Ankul, after seven years. The complex surgery was conducted at a district hospital, ending years of discomfort and health issues for the young patient.

According to media reports, Ankul accidentally swallowed a one-rupee coin at the tender age of five. Despite the coin being lodged in his alimentary canal for such a prolonged period, it was only discovered recently due to a series of health complications.

Discovery and Initial Symptoms

Ankul’s ordeal began seven years ago when he swallowed the coin. At the time, his parents were unaware of the severity of the situation. Over the years, Ankul experienced intermittent abdominal pain, but the cause remained unidentified. His parents sought medical help in April when his abdominal pain intensified. A temporary recovery led them to believe the issue was resolved.

However, on June 4, Ankul developed severe pain in his throat, prompting his parents to take him to the district hospital. After a thorough examination, doctors discovered the presence of the coin in his throat through X-ray imaging.

The Surgical Procedure

Dr. Vivek Singh, the lead surgeon, described the case as unique due to the duration the coin remained lodged in Ankul’s alimentary canal. The surgical team employed a telescopic procedure to extract the coin. This minimally invasive technique involved inserting a telescope-like device to precisely locate and remove the foreign object.

Dr. Singh explained the complexities of the surgery, highlighting the potential risks involved due to the coin’s long-term presence. The procedure required careful maneuvering to avoid damaging surrounding tissues and ensuring complete removal without leaving any fragments behind.

Impact on Ankul’s Health

The prolonged presence of the coin had significant repercussions on Ankul’s physical health and development. Dr. Singh noted that the coin not only caused recurrent pain but also stunted Ankul’s growth. The foreign object impeded proper nutrient absorption and caused chronic irritation in his alimentary canal.

Post-surgery, Ankul is expected to undergo a period of recovery and observation. The medical team will monitor his progress to ensure there are no residual effects or complications from the long-standing obstruction. His parents expressed immense relief and gratitude towards the medical team for successfully resolving the issue that had plagued their son for years.

Broader Implications and Awareness

This case underscores the importance of timely medical intervention and thorough diagnostic procedures when dealing with persistent health issues. The delayed discovery of the coin in Ankul’s throat serves as a reminder for parents and guardians to seek immediate medical attention for children exhibiting unusual or persistent symptoms.

It also highlights the necessity for heightened awareness regarding the risks of swallowing foreign objects, particularly among young children. Preventive measures, such as educating children about the dangers of putting small objects in their mouths and ensuring their play areas are free of such hazards, can help avert similar incidents.

The successful removal of the coin from Ankul’s throat after seven years is a testament to the advancements in medical technology and the skill of the surgical team. Dr. Vivek Singh and his colleagues demonstrated exceptional expertise in handling this rare and challenging case. Ankul’s story not only concludes on a hopeful note for his future health and well-being but also serves as an educational moment for the broader community on the importance of vigilance and prompt medical care in safeguarding children’s health.