Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Emphasizes Business-Friendly Reforms at Pakistan-China Reception in Beijing

Beijing: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, during his speech at the Pakistan-China Friendship and Business Reception in Beijing, underscored the importance of transforming Pakistan into a business-friendly nation. He highlighted the deep and resilient ties between Pakistan and China, noting that their friendship has withstood numerous challenges and remains unparalleled globally.

Strengthening Pakistan-China Relations

Prime Minister Sharif reiterated the strength of Pakistan-China relations, describing them as time-tested and resilient. “Pakistan-China friendship has been proven on every occasion and has met every test. There is no example of such friendship anywhere in the world,” he said. This enduring partnership is evident in various collaborative projects, most notably the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which has been a cornerstone of their bilateral cooperation.

Economic Reforms and Business-Friendly Policies

Sharif emphasized that his administration is committed to implementing economic reforms to create a more conducive environment for business and investment. “Making Pakistan a business-friendly country is our priority,” he stated. These reforms are aimed at attracting foreign investment, boosting economic growth, and creating job opportunities for the Pakistani populace.

The Prime Minister highlighted several initiatives under this agenda, including regulatory simplification, enhancing ease of doing business, and offering incentives to investors. These measures are designed to make Pakistan a more attractive destination for both domestic and international businesses.

Learning from China’s Development Model

Praising China’s rapid development, Prime Minister Sharif expressed his admiration for the country’s remarkable economic achievements over a relatively short period. He described China’s progress as a “beacon for us,” emphasizing that Pakistan is keen to learn from China’s experiences. By adopting best practices from China’s development model, Pakistan aims to accelerate its own economic growth and development.

Security of Chinese Citizens in Pakistan

Addressing security concerns, Prime Minister Sharif condemned the attack on Chinese citizens in Bisham, attributing it to anti-Pakistan elements who oppose the CPEC and Pakistan-China friendship. He assured that the security of Chinese nationals working on CPEC projects is a top priority for his government. “The attack on Chinese citizens in Bisham was done by anti-Pakistan elements and this attack was planned by those who are enemies of CPEC and Pakistan-China friendship. The security of Chinese citizens working on CPEC will be made foolproof,” he asserted.

Sharif’s statement reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety of Chinese workers and fostering a secure environment for ongoing and future collaborative projects under the CPEC framework. Enhanced security measures are being put in place to protect Chinese nationals and reassure both countries of their safety and mutual cooperation.

Future of Pakistan-China Economic Cooperation

The Prime Minister’s speech also touched on the future of Pakistan-China economic cooperation, emphasizing that the two countries will continue to build on their strong foundation. The CPEC is seen as a game-changer for Pakistan’s economy, bringing in significant infrastructure development, energy projects, and industrial growth.

Prime Minister Sharif expressed optimism about the continued success of CPEC projects and the broader economic relationship between Pakistan and China. He called for increased collaboration in various sectors, including technology, manufacturing, agriculture, and services, to further enhance economic ties and mutual prosperity.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s address at the Pakistan-China Friendship and Business Reception in Beijing highlighted the government’s commitment to making Pakistan a business-friendly country through comprehensive economic reforms. His admiration for China’s rapid development and commitment to ensuring the security of Chinese citizens in Pakistan underscores the strong and enduring partnership between the two nations.

The emphasis on economic reforms, learning from China’s development experience, and ensuring the security of CPEC projects all point towards a strategic vision aimed at fostering economic growth and strengthening bilateral ties. This vision aims to not only enhance Pakistan’s economic landscape but also solidify the long-standing friendship between Pakistan and China, paving the way for continued collaboration and mutual success.