Joint US and UK airstrikes target huthi militants in yemen.

The United States and Britain conducted airstrikes in Yemen to diminish the maritime attack capabilities of Iran-backed Huthi rebels. Huthi media reported 16 casualties as a result of the strikes. Since November, the Huthis have been targeting shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, citing solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. The strikes, which hit targets in Sanaa, Hodeida, and Taez, aimed to degrade Huthi military facilities involved in attacks on international shipping.

The British defence ministry stated that the airstrikes were part of a joint operation with US forces to safeguard freedom of navigation in the region. Intelligence indicated that Huthi-held sites near Hodeida were involved in attacks on shipping. Despite previous retaliatory strikes, the Huthis have continued their aggressive actions, including targeting US and British vessels and ships heading to Israeli ports.

Recent Huthi attacks on vessels have prompted shipping companies to avoid the Red Sea route, which normally handles a significant portion of global trade.