Ticket Prices and Sales Details Announced for Pakistan Fan Zones During Australia’s ODI Series

Cricket fans are gearing up for an exciting series as the Pakistan cricket team is set to tour Australia in November. The tour will feature six matches of the white-ball series, and the Pakistan Fan Zones at various venues across Australia are offering tickets at special prices. Here are the details on pricing, sales, and how to secure your spot to cheer for the Men in Green.

Ticket Prices for Pakistan Fan Zones

Fans looking to experience the excitement from the dedicated Pakistan Fan Zones can purchase tickets at competitive prices:

  • Melbourne ODI: Tickets are priced at $30.
  • Adelaide and Perth ODIs: Tickets are available for $45. However, if booked during the pre-sale, the price drops to $39.
  • Brisbane and Sydney ODIs: Tickets are also priced at $30.
  • Hobart ODI: Tickets are set at $45, but like the Adelaide and Perth matches, they can be booked for $39 during the pre-sale.

Pre-Sale and General Sale Information

To take advantage of the discounted pre-sale prices, fans must register by June 3. The pre-sale period will begin on June 4, providing a window of opportunity to secure tickets at a lower cost before they are available to the general public.

For those who miss the pre-sale, the general sale of tickets will commence on June 14. During this period, tickets can be purchased without prior registration, but they will be sold at the standard prices.

Registration for Pre-Sale

Registration is a crucial step for fans who want to take advantage of the pre-sale discounts. Here’s how you can register:

Visit the Official Ticketing Website: Details for registration will be available on the designated ticketing platform.

Complete the Registration Form: Provide necessary details such as name, contact information, and preferred matches.

Confirmation: Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on purchasing tickets during the pre-sale period.

    Why Register for Pre-Sale?

    Registering for the pre-sale not only provides a chance to buy tickets at a discounted price but also ensures that fans secure their seats in the Pakistan Fan Zones, which are expected to be highly sought after. This exclusive area will be a hub of excitement, filled with Pakistani cricket enthusiasts creating a vibrant and supportive atmosphere for the team.

    Match Schedule

    The Pakistan cricket team’s tour of Australia includes six ODIs, promising thrilling encounters between the two cricketing nations. Although the detailed match schedule is yet to be announced, the cities hosting the matches will be Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and Hobart.

    With the Pakistan cricket team’s tour of Australia fast approaching, fans are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to support their team live. The Pakistan Fan Zones offer a unique and engaging experience, bringing together passionate supporters in a dedicated area. By registering for the pre-sale, fans can enjoy discounted ticket prices and ensure they don’t miss out on any of the action. Mark your calendars for June 3 to complete the registration, and be ready to book your tickets starting June 4. For those who miss the pre-sale, tickets will be available to the general public from June 14.

    Stay tuned for more updates on the tour schedule and additional details on how to make the most of this exciting cricketing event. Whether in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, or Hobart, the Pakistan Fan Zones will be the place to be for an unforgettable cricket experience.