Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Viral Hit ‘Akh Lali Badobdi’: Wijdan Rao’s Regretful Experience

Last month, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song “Akh Lali Badobdi” was released on YouTube, quickly gaining immense popularity in both Pakistan and India. The song’s music video, featuring model Wijdan Rao, went viral almost instantly, amassing 20 million views within just one month. Despite the success, Wijdan Rao recently expressed her deep regret over participating in the project, describing it as the biggest mistake of her life.

The Meteoric Rise of ‘Akh Lali Badobdi’

“Akh Lali Badobdi” captured the attention of millions with its catchy tune and vibrant visuals. Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, known for his unique musical style, collaborated with Wijdan Rao for the video, which quickly became a sensation. The song’s widespread appeal and rapid accumulation of views underscored its viral nature, resonating with audiences across borders.

Wijdan Rao’s Regret

In a recent interview, Wijdan Rao candidly admitted that acting in the “Akh Lali Badobdi” video was a decision she deeply regrets. Despite her initial excitement, the aftermath of the video’s release brought unexpected and overwhelming criticism from social media users.

“I had already recorded five songs with Chahat Fateh Ali Khan before this one,” Rao explained. “For four of those songs, I made my own video and sent it to Chahat Fateh Ali Khan in London, who then edited and included me in his works. One song, however, was shot directly with the singer.”

The Shooting Experience

Rao shared details about the production of “Akh Lali Badobdi,” which took place in Pakistan. She had no inkling that the song would achieve such viral status. The unexpected success, however, came with a heavy price as Rao faced severe backlash online.

“After the success of the song, I have been heavily criticized on social media,” Rao lamented. “Users are taunting me for working with someone old enough to be my grandfather. People are using inappropriate words for me.”

Social Media Criticism

The barrage of negative comments from social media users has been relentless, with many questioning Rao’s decision to collaborate with Chahat Fateh Ali Khan. The age difference between the two artists became a focal point of the criticism, overshadowing the song’s success.

Rao’s Response to Critics

Despite the harsh criticism, Wijdan Rao defended her decision to participate in the music video. She emphasized that her intention was purely to entertain the audience, and she did not anticipate the extent of the backlash.

“I worked with Chahat Fateh Ali Khan in ‘Akh Lali Badobdi’ to entertain people,” Rao asserted. She acknowledged the hurtful comments but maintained that her primary goal was to contribute to a creative project that she believed in.

Reflection and Future Plans

Wijdan Rao’s experience with “Akh Lali Badobdi” has been a challenging chapter in her career. The model, who has previously collaborated with Chahat Fateh Ali Khan on multiple projects, is now re-evaluating her future endeavors in the entertainment industry.

“I have learned a lot from this experience,” Rao reflected. “While the criticism has been tough to handle, it has also made me more aware of the potential repercussions of my professional choices.”

The story of “Akh Lali Badobdi” highlights the unpredictable nature of viral fame and the double-edged sword of social media. While the song achieved remarkable success, it also brought significant personal challenges for Wijdan Rao. Her candid admission of regret serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities and pressures faced by public figures in the digital age. As Rao navigates her career moving forward, her experience with “Akh Lali Badobdi” will undoubtedly influence her choices and resilience in the face of public scrutiny.