Pakistan braces for heatwaves: government urges precautionary measures.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Climate Change, Romina Khursheed Alam, has issued a warning about three imminent heatwaves expected in May and June. During a press conference, Alam alerted the public to the onset of these heatwave phases as Pakistan grapples with the severe impacts of climate change.

Alam highlighted that nine districts in Punjab, 13 in Sindh, and four in Balochistan are currently experiencing heatwaves. She emphasized the government’s efforts to mitigate the effects of these heatwaves, including raising public awareness through various channels.

She outlined the adverse impacts of heatwaves, such as crop loss and accelerated glacier melting. Alam also urged the public to avoid smoking near forests, as the increased risk of fire during heatwaves poses a significant threat.

Alam praised the rapid response of firefighters in extinguishing recent forest fires and underscored the importance of precautionary measures to prevent future incidents. She stressed the need for vigilance and proactive steps to safeguard against the dangers posed by the upcoming heatwaves.