Sanjay leela bhansali defends creative choices in “heeramandi” amid historical inaccuracy criticism.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, in his Netflix debut with “Heeramandi,” faced scrutiny over historical inaccuracies but remained steadfast in his artistic vision. Speaking to Baradwaj Rangan, Bhansali addressed the criticism, asserting his penchant for grandeur over strict adherence to historical detail.

Acknowledging concerns, Bhansali defended his creative approach, describing his filmmaking style as “unsubtle, indelicate, and larger-than-life.” He prioritized emotional depth and visual splendor over historical precision, emphasizing the romantic allure of the era portrayed.

Asserting his responsibility to deliver a captivating experience, Bhansali expressed dedication to crafting narratives rooted in his personal experiences and perceptions, regardless of commercial motives.

Discussing the recurring motif of sex workers in his projects, Bhansali highlighted their enigmatic presence and artistic sensibilities, challenging societal stereotypes. He found fascination in their expression through music, dance, and aesthetics, depicting them as connoisseurs of artistry and life.

Bhansali’s defense of “Heeramandi” reflects his commitment to storytelling imbued with emotional resonance and visual spectacle, reaffirming his status as a filmmaker unapologetically driven by his creative vision.