Deputy prime minister ishaq dar meets chairman of EXIM bank of china, Wu fulin.

In a significant meeting held on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar welcomed Chairman Wu Fulin of the EXIM Bank of China. The discussions centered on the enduring partnership between the bank and Pakistan, as well as the bank’s keen interest in future investments within the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Dar highlighted Pakistan’s ongoing endeavors towards achieving financial and economic stability, underscored by its business-friendly policies. He specifically commended the remarkable performance of the Pakistan Stock Exchange, noting the renewed confidence of international investors in the country’s economy.

Expressing gratitude for the EXIM Bank’s unwavering support, particularly in pivotal development projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Deputy Prime Minister Dar extended an invitation to explore additional avenues for collaboration. He urged the bank to consider financing new projects in sectors such as renewable energy, agriculture, and industrialization, emphasizing the potential for mutual benefit and sustainable growth.