Livestream portal between dublin and new york temporarily closed due to inappropriate behavior.

The livestream portal connecting Dublin and New York has been temporarily shut down following instances of “inappropriate behavior” in the Irish capital, prompting adjustments to the operation of the visual link.

Dublin City Council announced that “technical solutions” are being implemented, slated to be operational within the next 24 hours.

A spokesperson for the council cited concerns over a small minority engaging in inappropriate behavior, which has gained traction on social media platforms.

The two-way livestream portal, offering real-time views of New York, has attracted thousands of visitors. However, reports surfaced of individuals on the Irish side engaging in various forms of misconduct, including flashing body parts, displaying offensive language on phone screens, and inappropriate gestures.

One incident involved Irish police escorting a woman away after she was observed behaving inappropriately with the portal.

In a statement, the Dublin City Council emphasized the positive impact of the Portals artwork, highlighting its ability to foster human interactions and engagements. Despite the recent challenges, the overwhelming majority of interactions have been positive, with families and friends uniting, dancing, and even witnessing a successful marriage proposal.

Acknowledging the need to address the inappropriate behavior, the council announced plans for technical solutions to mitigate such incidents, with implementation scheduled within the next day.

The Portals Organization reiterated its commitment to providing a platform for cultural exchange and interaction between distant locations. While emphasizing the importance of respect, they noted that the majority of experiences with the portals have been positive.

Despite the temporary closure for software updates, the Portals Organization assured the public that the livestream is not broken and will resume shortly, with ongoing efforts to enhance stability and expand locations for future portals. They encouraged people to enjoy the experience responsibly and to embrace the opportunity for cross-cultural connections.