Global health funders unite in $300 million partnership to address climate change, malnutrition, and infectious diseases.

In a landmark collaboration, three of the world’s largest health funders—Novo Nordisk Foundation, Wellcome, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—have joined forces in a $300 million partnership aimed at addressing the interconnected challenges of climate change, malnutrition, infectious diseases, and antimicrobial resistance. This groundbreaking initiative, announced in Denmark, marks the first time these major stakeholders have pooled resources in a concerted effort to combat pressing global health issues, particularly in low and middle-income countries.

Each partner will contribute $100 million to the three-year initiative, signaling a significant commitment to finding affordable and sustainable solutions for vulnerable populations worldwide.

A central objective of the partnership is to bridge the gap between traditionally disparate areas of research, fostering collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches to tackling complex health challenges. Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, CEO of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, emphasized the importance of breaking down barriers between research silos to address the multifaceted impacts of climate change, malnutrition, and infectious diseases.

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the interconnectedness of health issues, revealing how factors like obesity and climate-related food insecurity exacerbate vulnerability to infectious diseases. The partners aim to leverage advances in nutritional science and understanding of the gut microbiome to illuminate the intricate links between nutrition, health, and development.

The initiative also underscores a commitment to equitable access to medical advances, addressing market failures and ensuring that solutions benefit all communities, particularly those most affected by health disparities. The funding will support researchers in low- and middle-income countries, recognizing the vital contributions of local expertise and perspectives in addressing global health challenges.

As Catherine Kyobutungi, Executive Director of the African Population and Health Research Center, emphasized, solutions to pressing health challenges often emerge from the communities they affect. The partnership seeks to harness the collective expertise and resources of diverse stakeholders, including private, philanthropic, and public entities, in pursuit of sustainable, community-driven solutions to global health crises.