Pakistan lunar mission ICUBE-Q enters moon orbit.

Pakistan’s ICUBE-Q, a significant lunar mission, achieved a major milestone by entering the moon’s orbit on Wednesday. This historic endeavor was launched onboard China’s Chang’E6 from Hainan, China.

Developed in collaboration between Pakistan’s Institute of Space Technology (IST), China’s Shanghai University SJTU, and Pakistan’s national space agency SUPARCO, ICUBE-Q is a remarkable achievement for the nation’s space program.

The orbiter is equipped with two optical cameras designed to capture images of the lunar surface. After successful testing and qualification, ICUBE-Q has now been integrated into the Chang’E6 mission.

Chang’E6 is part of China’s ongoing lunar exploration program, representing the sixth mission in this series. The live telecast of the launch was broadcasted on the IST website and various social media platforms.

The mission aims to land on the moon’s far side, collect samples from the surface, and return them to Earth for research purposes. This moment marks a significant stride for Pakistan’s space endeavors and reflects the nation’s growing capabilities in space exploration.