World asthma day raises awareness and empowers patients across pakistan.

Pakistan observed World Asthma Day with a series of events aimed at raising awareness and educating the public about asthma and its management. Under the theme “Asthma Education Empowers,” various initiatives were undertaken to empower individuals with asthma to effectively manage their condition.

Throughout the country, hospitals and health organizations organized awareness events, free check-ups, and lung function tests to highlight the impact of asthma, a chronic respiratory disease affecting millions globally. Medical professionals utilized social media platforms to disseminate information and encourage individuals experiencing asthma symptoms to seek medical assistance promptly.

Dr. Azhar Khan, a pulmonologist at Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi, emphasized the importance of awareness and education regarding asthma, noting that approximately 15 million people in Pakistan are affected by the condition. He underscored that asthma is treatable but requires proper management and treatment.

In Islamabad, an awareness walk aimed to educate participants about asthma management and treatment, debunking misconceptions surrounding the disease. Dr. Waqas Rasheed highlighted the prevalence of asthma among schoolchildren in Pakistan and addressed societal stigmas associated with the condition.

In Multan, the Department of Pulmonology at Nishtar Medical University organized a seminar and awareness walk led by Dr. Azam Mushtaq. Medical professionals and students participated, emphasizing the importance of timely consultation and medication adherence in controlling asthma.

Experts reiterated that asthma is a treatable condition and stressed the significance of regular treatment to prevent complications. In Sargodha district, Dr. Sikandar Hayat Warraich conducted free check-ups and provided medication to asthma patients, particularly addressing challenges posed by environmental factors such as the wheat harvesting season, which can exacerbate asthma symptoms.

World Asthma Day served as a platform to educate and empower individuals with asthma, highlighting the importance of proper management and treatment in improving quality of life. Through collective efforts, Pakistan aims to alleviate the burden of asthma and ensure better health outcomes for affected individuals.