PTI’s Barrister Gauhar Asserts Government’s Loss of Two-Thirds Majority

Barrister Gauhar, a prominent leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), recently addressed the media in Islamabad alongside Salman Akram Raja, shedding light on the government’s perceived loss of its two-thirds majority. Gauhar emphasized that PTI’s 78 seats were redistributed to other parties, thereby undermining the government’s claim to a two-thirds majority, a development he deemed unconstitutional and unfair.

In his remarks, Barrister Gauhar underscored PTI’s commitment to upholding constitutional principles and respecting the judiciary’s authority. He reiterated PTI’s stance that no political party should receive more seats than it rightfully won, advocating for a fair resolution through judicial intervention. Emphasizing their confidence in the judiciary, Gauhar expressed PTI’s readiness to abide by the Supreme Court’s verdict on the matter.

Furthermore, Gauhar clarified that PTI’s position is not influenced by negotiations with other parties, asserting that the Election Commission’s decision to redistribute seats was unconstitutional. He emphasized the importance of upholding judicial integrity and opposed any extensions granted to judges, calling for adherence to constitutional norms.

Salman Akram Raja, speaking alongside Barrister Gauhar, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the defeat of those who sought to subvert the constitution. Raja highlighted the judiciary’s role in upholding democracy and expressed confidence in the Supreme Court’s ability to adjudicate such cases swiftly and impartially.

The recent suspension of the Peshawar High Court’s decision regarding specific seats allocated to the Sunni Ittehad Council was also addressed during the media briefing. The Supreme Court’s decision to hear the appeal and suspend the previous ruling signifies a step towards ensuring constitutional adherence and legal rectitude.

Salman Akram Raja reiterated the significance of upholding the constitution and the rule of law, affirming PTI’s commitment to pursuing legal avenues to safeguard democratic principles. He stressed the importance of continued advocacy for justice both within the courts and among the public, signaling PTI’s unwavering dedication to constitutional governance.

Barrister Gauhar’s remarks underscore PTI’s vigilance in defending democratic norms and constitutional integrity. The party’s commitment to legal recourse and respect for judicial processes reflects its steadfast resolve to uphold the rule of law. As PTI navigates through these legal challenges, its leaders remain resolute in their pursuit of justice and accountability, guided by the principles of democracy and constitutionalism.