Top emerging stars to watch at the cannes film festival.

The Cannes Film Festival, running from May 14 to 25, promises a blend of Hollywood veterans and rising talents gracing the illustrious red carpet. While established names command attention, here are five emerging stars poised to captivate audiences on the French Riviera:

  1. Sebastian Stan: Renowned for his portrayal of the Winter Soldier in Marvel films, Stan steps into the spotlight with his portrayal of Donald Trump in “The Apprentice.” His diverse roles, including the critically acclaimed depiction of rocker Tommy Lee in “Pam and Tommy,” showcase his versatility and depth as an actor.
  2. Barry Keoghan: Overcoming adversity, Keoghan has emerged as a sought-after talent in Irish cinema. With an impressive repertoire, including award-winning performances in “The Banshees of Inisherin,” Keoghan’s upcoming role in “Bird” promises to solidify his status as a formidable actor.
  3. Anya Taylor Joy: From her breakout role in “The Witch” to her acclaimed performance in “The Queen’s Gambit,” Joy’s star continues to rise. Transitioning seamlessly between genres, her role in “Furiosa” demonstrates her prowess in action-packed narratives, elevating her as a versatile and dynamic performer.
  4. Margaret Qualley: Stepping out of her mother’s shadow, Qualley shines in her own right with standout performances in acclaimed productions like “Maid” and “Fosse/Verdun.” With roles in Cannes competition entries “Kinds of Kindness” and “The Substance,” Qualley’s talent and range are on full display.
  5. Karla Sofia Gascon: In a groundbreaking role, Gascon takes center stage in “Emilia Perez,” portraying a Mexican cartel boss undergoing a transformative journey. As a transgender actor, Gascon brings authenticity and depth to her portrayal, marking a significant milestone in cinematic representation.

As these emerging stars grace the Cannes stage, their performances promise to captivate audiences and redefine the landscape of contemporary cinema.