Pakistan plans digital corridor to propel economic expansion, minister ahsan iqbal affirms.

Minister for Planning Development and Special Initiatives, Professor Ahsan Iqbal, underscored the imperative of establishing a digital corridor, recognizing Pakistan’s potential as a pivotal player in the burgeoning digital economy.

Highlighting Pakistan’s significant presence in Huawei’s workforce as the second-largest nationality employed by the company, the delegation emphasized the country’s capacity to emerge as a key contributor to digital economic growth.

Projections indicate a substantial increase in the GDP of developed nations due to digital advancements, with over 30% expected to be driven by digital innovation and infrastructure by the next decade, as articulated by Huawei Pakistan’s CEO.

Discussions during the meeting centered on potential projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Phase II and collaboration opportunities aligning with Pakistan’s Digital Economy Strategy.

Both parties acknowledged Pakistan’s considerable potential for digital economy growth and deliberated on fostering an environment conducive to sustainable development.

The establishment of a robust digital corridor was identified as crucial, encompassing pillars such as connectivity, data centers, firewall protection, and smart governance, essential for economic growth and global competitiveness in the digital era.

Ahmed Bilal Masood, Deputy CEO of Huawei Pakistan, affirmed Pakistan’s potential as a significant trading hub for Middle Eastern countries’ vast user base.

Minister Ahsan Iqbal stressed the indispensability of digital transformation for Pakistan’s economic progress, asserting that embracing digital technologies is imperative for thriving in the global marketplace.

Efforts to bolster Pakistan’s digital infrastructure and technological capabilities are already underway, with discussions including the introduction of affordable smartphones to stimulate mobile network usage and contribute to telecom market development.

Proposals to designate Islamabad as a model smart city and establish an Innovation Center at UET Narowal were also discussed, with invitations extended to Huawei to be a technology partner in these initiatives.

Ethan Sun, CEO of Huawei Pakistan, expressed the company’s keen interest in collaborating with Pakistan on proposed initiatives, reaffirming Huawei’s commitment to fostering technological innovation and economic growth in the country.