England women’s cricket coach utilizes artificial intelligence for team selection.

Jon Lewis, coach of England’s Women’s cricket team, has disclosed his use of artificial intelligence (AI) in aiding team selection, attributing its assistance to his team’s success in last season’s Ashes.

Having been introduced to London-based PSi during his tenure with the UP Warriorz franchise in India’s Women’s Premier League, Lewis now employs the company’s technology to inform decisions on squad composition, team balance, and in-game match-ups between players.

The system conducts extensive simulations, running approximately 250,000 scenarios per team, enabling Lewis to assess various permutations and anticipate potential outcomes during matches.

While emphasizing a “people-first approach,” Lewis highlights the objective insights provided by data, particularly in aiding selection and match-up decisions.

Drawing parallels with England’s rugby union coach Steve Borthwick, who also utilizes the PSi model, Lewis attests to the system’s efficacy in guiding his team to a draw in last season’s Women’s Ashes series against Australia.

Reflecting on specific instances during the Ashes, Lewis notes the AI’s contribution in optimizing player selection and match strategies, ultimately leading to England’s victory in the T20 series.

Amidst the growing integration of AI in elite sports, Lewis’s utilization of technology underscores its potential to enhance decision-making processes and performance outcomes in cricket and beyond.