Tigers roam lower dir, prompting concern among residents.

A wave of panic swept through Lower Dir as two tigers strayed from their natural habitat, venturing onto a road and catching the attention of local residents.

Witnessing the unexpected presence of these majestic creatures, residents cautiously captured images and videos from a safe distance, their emotions oscillating between excitement and fear.

In Lower Dir district, encounters with tigers are not entirely uncommon, with past incidents such as the one where a tiger claimed the lives of over 40 goats serving as a stark reminder of the proximity between wildlife and human settlements.

Promptly responding to the reports, five teams from the Wildlife Department mobilized to the area to initiate search and rescue operations, ensuring the safety of both the residents and the tigers.

In light of the recent sightings, wildlife officials issued advisories urging residents to exercise caution, particularly during nighttime hours, and to secure their homes by keeping doors shut.

Meanwhile, local residents voiced their concerns, calling upon authorities to implement robust measures aimed at preventing further encroachment of wild animals into residential areas, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.