Accountability Measures Taken in Response to Abandoned Bodies Found on Nishtar Hospital’s Roof

In October 2022, a distressing incident unfolded in Multan when several abandoned bodies were discovered on the roof of Nishtar Hospital, prompting swift action and investigations into the matter. Following the revelation, accountability measures were taken to address the negligence and misconduct that led to this alarming discovery.

Hospital sources revealed that minor punishments were meted out to the guilty staff involved in the incident. A doctor and three watchmen faced repercussions, albeit relatively lenient ones, as outlined in a notification issued by the Secretary Specialized Health based on the inquiry report.

Among those held accountable was Dr. Maryam Ashraf, the chairperson of the Anatomy department, who faced a 20% pension embezzlement sentence. Dr. Ashraf was accused of failing to make proper arrangements for the disposal of abandoned bodies, contributing to the unsettling situation at Nishtar Hospital.

However, not all individuals implicated in the incident faced disciplinary action. Dr. Abdul Wahab and Dr. Seerat Abbas were acquitted of charges due to insufficient evidence, highlighting the complexities and challenges inherent in establishing culpability in such cases.

Additionally, the culpability extended beyond medical staff, implicating security personnel as well. Watchmen Ghulam Abbas, Mohammad Sajjad, and Abdul Rauf were each sentenced to two years of increments for their role in the oversight that allowed the bodies to remain unattended on the hospital’s roof.

The discovery of abandoned bodies on Nishtar Hospital’s roof stirred public outrage and prompted a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. The revelation of this shocking neglect raised serious questions about the hospital’s protocols for handling deceased individuals and underscored the need for greater accountability and oversight within healthcare institutions.

In response to the incident, Geo News played a crucial role in amplifying awareness and scrutiny of the matter. The media outlet’s coverage prompted intervention from the then Chief Minister of Punjab, who swiftly ordered an inquiry into the matter. Subsequent investigations aimed to uncover the extent of the negligence and ensure that appropriate measures were taken to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

While the inquiry report revealed that only four bodies were found on the hospital’s roof, the incident shed light on systemic deficiencies and shortcomings in the management of deceased individuals within healthcare facilities. Efforts were made to address these issues, including the burial of several abandoned bodies with the assistance of Edhi Foundation, emphasizing the collective responsibility to uphold dignity and respect for the deceased.

Ultimately, the accountability measures taken in response to the abandoned bodies found on Nishtar Hospital’s roof serve as a reminder of the imperative to prioritize patient care and safety, safeguarding the trust and confidence of the community in healthcare institutions.