Cricket australia unveils ambitious 10-year plan for women’s cricket.

Cricket Australia (CA) has set ambitious targets to propel the growth of women’s cricket over the next decade, aiming for a significant increase in attendance at matches and participation rates among young girls. As part of their “Women and Girls Action Plan,” CA plans to boost annual revenues and elevate the profile of women’s cricket, aligning it more closely with the success and popularity of the men’s game.

The key objectives of the plan include:

  1. Revenue Growth: CA aims to increase annual revenues to A$121 million by 2034, a significant rise from current levels, reflecting the growing commercial potential of women’s cricket.
  2. Increased Attendance: The plan targets a five-fold increase in average attendance at women’s matches, aiming for 600,000 attendees by 2034, up from approximately 120,000 last season.
  3. Participation Rates: CA seeks to quadruple participation rates among girls aged five to 12, with a goal of reaching 100,000 participants, up from 25,000.
  4. Infrastructure Investment: The plan includes a substantial investment of A$500 million in infrastructure to support the growth of women’s cricket across the country.
  5. Gender Representation: CA aims to achieve a target of 40% female representation in key administrative positions within cricket organizations, promoting greater diversity and inclusivity.

To achieve these objectives, CA will introduce several initiatives, including the launch of a new state-based T20 competition to complement the existing Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL). The WBBL will undergo changes, transitioning to a 40-game season to align with the men’s Big Bash League (BBL). Additionally, CA plans to increase the average domestic player salary to A$163,322 for the 2024-25 season, enhancing the financial viability and attractiveness of playing women’s cricket professionally.

The strategic vision outlined by CA underscores the organization’s commitment to advancing women’s cricket and capitalizing on its growing popularity and commercial appeal. By implementing targeted initiatives and fostering a supportive environment, CA aims to ensure that women and girls have equal opportunities to excel and participate in cricket at all levels.