Hyderabad Implements Strict Measures for Polio Vaccination Compliance

In an effort to combat the spread of polio and ensure the health of children, authorities in Hyderabad have announced fines and jail sentences for parents who refuse to administer polio vaccines to their children. According to a notification issued by the authorities, parents who decline to provide their children with polio drops will face one month of imprisonment and a fine of 50,000 rupees.

The Deputy Commissioner of Hyderabad emphasized the mandatory nature of polio vaccination for children, underscoring the importance of ensuring widespread immunization coverage to protect against the crippling disease.

The announcement comes as the country launches its national anti-polio campaign, spanning across four provinces, including Islamabad. During this campaign, more than 2.04 crore children will receive polio vaccinations to safeguard them from the virus.

Documents detailing the polio campaign reveal that it will be conducted in two phases, with complete vaccination coverage planned in 77 districts and partial coverage in 14 districts. The first phase of the campaign will take place from April 29 to May 5, during which polio drops will be administered in 3,549 Union Councils (USCs) across 86 districts. Over 2.29 crore children are expected to receive polio vaccinations during this phase.

The second phase of the campaign is scheduled from May 2 to 6, focusing on vaccinating an additional 15 lakh children in 237 USCs across five districts.

Throughout the campaign, various regions will witness extensive vaccination efforts. In Islamabad, 461,125 children will be vaccinated, while 23.95 lakh children will receive vaccinations in 30 districts of Balochistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa aims to vaccinate more than 44 lakh children across 26 districts, and over 91 lakh children will be targeted in 10 districts of Punjab. Additionally, more than 79 lakh children in 24 districts of Sindh will receive polio vaccinations.

To ensure the successful implementation of the campaign, a workforce of 2,4107 frontline polio workers will be deployed during the first phase. Furthermore, 1,64,385 polio health workers will be mobilized to fulfill their duties during the sub-polio campaign.

These comprehensive vaccination efforts underscore the government’s commitment to eradicating polio and safeguarding the health of children nationwide. By imposing strict measures and mobilizing extensive resources, authorities aim to achieve high vaccination coverage and ultimately eliminate the threat of polio in Pakistan.