Hamas Leader Accuses Israel of Rejecting Complete Ceasefire in Gaza

Hamas leader Osama Hamdan has accused Israel of hindering efforts for a comprehensive ceasefire in Gaza, asserting that Israeli proposals consistently emphasize maintaining control over the region.

According to Hamdan, Israel’s cease-fire proposals persistently prioritize two key issues: refraining from a complete cessation of hostilities and retaining control over Gaza. He contends that Israel’s stance undermines genuine efforts to achieve lasting peace in the region.

In response to remarks made by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Hamdan dismissed the notion that halting attacks against Palestinians could be construed as a generous gesture by Israel. He argued that ceasing criminal acts cannot be portrayed as an act of generosity, emphasizing that such actions are inherently unlawful.

Blinken had earlier suggested that Israel had offered unusually generous proposals to Hamas, prompting skepticism from Hamdan regarding the sincerity and fairness of Israel’s intentions.

Hamdan also expressed reservations regarding the role of mediators in facilitating negotiations, calling for clarity on key issues before progress can be made. He emphasized the need for substantive answers to Hamas’ concerns in order to advance the peace process effectively.

As tensions persist between Hamas and Israel, Hamdan’s remarks underscore the challenges in reaching a comprehensive ceasefire agreement that addresses the underlying grievances of both parties. The situation remains complex, with divergent perspectives on the path to achieving lasting peace in the Gaza Strip.