Free Wi-Fi pilot project launched in Lahore: punjab chief minister maryam nawaz initiates connectivity drive.

Under the directive of Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, a pilot project introducing free Wi-Fi service has been initiated across 50 locations in Lahore, marking a significant step towards enhancing connectivity within the city.

Announcing the initiative on X (formerly Twitter), CM Maryam Nawaz expressed her commitment to advancing connectivity by providing free Wi-Fi access to the public. She declared, “Free WiFi started at the following (50 spots) in Lahore. Rest of Lahore is being done too. Alhamdolillah! We promise, we deliver.”

The project received approval during a recent high-level meeting where Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) officials were tasked with revitalizing existing infrastructure, including hotspots.

Anticipated to encompass a total of 516 locations throughout Lahore, the free Wi-Fi service targets public spaces such as educational institutions, hospitals, bus stops, and railway stations.

This initiative builds upon previous efforts by the PML-N government, which introduced free Wi-Fi services in Lahore and other cities in 2013. Despite interruptions during the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) administration, the current project reflects a renewed commitment to expanding internet accessibility for the benefit of Lahore’s residents and visitors alike.