Former zimbabwe cricketer guy whittall survives leopard mauling in harare.

Guy Whittall, the former Zimbabwe all-rounder renowned for his cricketing exploits, recently underwent emergency surgery in Harare following a harrowing encounter with a leopard during a hunting expedition.

This alarming incident, which transpired earlier this week, adds another chapter to Whittall’s saga of wildlife encounters. Several years ago, he narrowly escaped an eerie ordeal when an eight-foot crocodile was discovered lurking beneath his bed while he slept.

Transitioning from the cricket field to wildlife pursuits, Whittall currently manages a safari business with his family in Humani, situated in the South East of Zimbabwe. Reports suggest that he was tracking a wounded leopard, a task compounded by its previous injury inflicted by a client.

Hannah Stooks-Whittall, his wife, confirmed the distressing incident through a candid Facebook post, accompanied by stark images depicting Whittall receiving treatment in the bush for cuts on his arms, legs, and a significant gash on his head.

Despite the severity of the attack, a subsequent image captured Whittall in hospital with his head securely bandaged, resiliently offering a thumbs-up to the camera. Hannah disclosed that Whittall endured substantial blood loss during the altercation but credited their loyal canine companion, Chikara, for intervening and assisting in dislodging the leopard.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support, Hannah acknowledged the swift response of medical personnel at Hippo Clinic and the subsequent airlift to Harare’s Milton Park Hospital for further treatment.

This is not the first time Whittall’s post-cricket life has intersected with wildlife dramas. In 2013, he made headlines after discovering an imposing Nile crocodile lurking in his bedroom at the game reserve, a startling revelation that earned him the moniker of “the cat with nine lives.”

In reflecting on these remarkable escapades, Hannah emphasized Whittall’s fortuitous survival, affirming his resilience amidst nature’s unpredictable whims.