Mark selby contemplates retirement after shock defeat at snooker world championship.

Following a stunning first-round exit at the World Snooker Championship, four-time world champion Mark Selby is contemplating retirement, expressing frustration and disappointment with his recent performance. Selby’s 10-6 defeat to qualifier Joe O’Connor marks a dismal season for the former world number one, who has now slipped to fifth in the world rankings.

In a candid statement, the 40-year-old Selby admitted to considering his future in the sport, citing a lack of enjoyment and satisfaction in his snooker endeavors. “Away from snooker, I’m happy, but when I come to snooker, it’s the opposite. It was pathetic from start to finish,” Selby remarked, reflecting on his performance.

O’Connor, the sole debutant at The Crucible this year, seized a commanding 7-2 lead during the first session on Sunday and maintained his advantage to secure the biggest victory of his career against one of his snooker idols.

Selby expressed his intention to consult with his wife, Vicky, to evaluate his options before making a final decision. “It will be a big decision, but if I do continue playing, I’ll need assistance, particularly on the mental aspect, to rediscover the joy of the game,” Selby stated.

Acknowledging his tendency to place excessive pressure on himself and approach the game with a “life or death” mentality, Selby emphasized the importance of finding a balance and rediscovering his passion for snooker.

As Selby weighs his future in the sport, fans and fellow players await his decision, recognizing the significant impact his potential retirement would have on the snooker community.