Ministry of Religious Affairs Finalizes Arrangements for Hajj 2024

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has completed the arrangements for the upcoming Hajj operation in 2024, ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated pilgrimage experience for pilgrims from Pakistan. According to sources within the ministry, the preparations are in full swing, with the Hajj operation set to commence on May 9 and continue uninterrupted until June 9 across the country.

Hajj flights will operate from a total of 8 airports nationwide, facilitating pilgrims from various regions of Pakistan. Simultaneous Hajj operations will commence at Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Multan airports, ensuring efficient logistics for pilgrims’ departure to Saudi Arabia. Additionally, flight operations will also be conducted at Quetta, Sukkur, Sialkot, and Rahim Yar Khan airports to accommodate pilgrims from these regions.

In a notable development, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has introduced the “Road to Makkah” service, which will be available at Karachi Airport for the first time. This service aims to streamline the Hajj journey by providing pre-immigration facilities in Pakistan before departure. Furthermore, the Road to Makkah service will also be available at Islamabad Airport, enhancing the convenience for pilgrims.

Pilgrims hailing from Peshawar will embark on their journey to Saudi Arabia from Islamabad Airport, while those from Faisalabad will depart from Lahore Airport. The inclusion of multiple airports for Hajj operations ensures accessibility and convenience for pilgrims from different regions of Pakistan.

To facilitate the smooth operation of Hajj flights, three private airlines, in addition to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), will participate in the Hajj flight operation. This collaborative effort aims to optimize resources and ensure efficient transportation for pilgrims.

In preparation for the pilgrimage, the process of vaccination for Hajj pilgrims will commence from April 30 in designated Hajj camps across the country. This initiative underscores the ministry’s commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of pilgrims amidst the ongoing global health challenges.

Under the official Hajj scheme, a total of 69,500 pilgrims will embark on the sacred journey to the Holy Hijaz, fulfilling their religious obligations and spiritual aspirations. The completion of arrangements by the Ministry of Religious Affairs reflects its dedication to facilitating a memorable and meaningful Hajj experience for all pilgrims.

With the finalization of arrangements for Hajj 2024, the Ministry of Religious Affairs reaffirms its commitment to ensuring a well-organized and seamless pilgrimage operation. The efforts undertaken aim to uphold the sanctity of the Hajj pilgrimage while catering to the needs and requirements of pilgrims from Pakistan.