FBR Introduces Pakistan Honor Card Scheme for Taxpayers

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has unveiled plans to implement the Pakistan Honor Card Scheme for the tax year 2023.

Under this initiative, distinguished taxpayers who have recently been honored by the Prime Minister will be granted honor cards.

Recipients of these honor cards will enjoy various facilities and privileges for a period of one year, as per FBR’s announcement.

In addition to taxpayers, honor cards will also be extended to nine leading exporters in the country. Notably, top taxpayers will have access to VIP lounges at all airports.

Furthermore, sources within FBR indicate that honor card holders will benefit from expedited clearance at immigration counters, along with the issuance of official passports.

Moreover, honor card holders will be privileged with invitations to an annual dinner hosted by the Prime Minister, showcasing recognition and appreciation for their contributions to the national economy.

This scheme reflects FBR’s efforts to incentivize tax compliance and recognize the vital role played by taxpayers in driving economic growth.

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