Massive blaze destroys forty shops in kamir area after short circuit sparks fire.

Content Rewrite: A devastating fire ravaged through a cluster of shops in the Kamir area, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The inferno, triggered by a short circuit, initially ignited within a single shop before rapidly spreading to adjacent establishments. Within moments, goods valued at hundreds of thousands of rupees were reduced to ashes, leaving shop owners reeling from the extensive damage.

The incident unfolded near Darbar Muhammad Panah, sending shockwaves through the community. Upon receiving notification, firefighters swiftly mobilized to the scene, recognizing the urgent need for additional resources to combat the escalating blaze.

After a grueling battle spanning several hours, the combined efforts of the firefighting team successfully extinguished the flames. However, concerns lingered over the potential catastrophe had the fire erupted amidst the recent Urs celebrations, underscoring the precarious balance between property loss and human life.

In the aftermath, affected shopkeepers have called upon relevant authorities to assess the extent of the damage and extend financial assistance to aid in their recovery efforts.