Tragic loss of WCK team members in gaza airstrike.

Seven Individuals, Including Australians, Britons, and Poles, Killed in Israeli Airstrike, Confirms World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen (WCK) has confirmed that citizens from Australia, Britain, and Poland were among seven of its team members who tragically lost their lives in an Israeli airstrike in central Gaza. The NGO expressed profound grief over the loss.

Overview of World Central Kitchen (WCK):

  • Founded in 2010 by renowned chef Jose Andres and his wife Patricia, WCK originated as a response to the devastation caused by a major earthquake in Haiti. Initially focused on providing emergency food aid to survivors, WCK has since expanded its mission.
  • WCK has extended its reach to offer resilience training, meals, and support to survivors of various natural disasters, refugees, and individuals affected by conflicts globally.
  • Notably, WCK has provided tens of millions of meals in Ukraine following the invasion by Russia in 2022.
  • Recently, WCK played a crucial role in organizing the first shipment of aid to Gaza through a sea corridor from Cyprus in March. Another maritime aid shipment, carrying 332 tons of food, was scheduled to arrive in Gaza earlier this week.

About Founder Jose Andres:

  • Jose Andres, a Spanish-American chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author, is the driving force behind WCK. His avant-garde restaurant, ‘minibar by Jose Andres,’ located in Washington, DC, boasts two Michelin stars.
  • In recognition of his humanitarian efforts, Jose Andres was honored with the National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama in 2015.

This tragic incident underscores the risks faced by humanitarian workers in conflict zones and highlights the invaluable contributions of organizations like WCK in providing aid and support to those in need.